Yukon miller baseball


Freshman Parents,

It occurred to me at the last meeting that it might help first time parents to the program with some information.  This letter will address the time line of events for the year.  As you may have figured out by now the HRC carries a lot of responsibility for supplying the team and maintaining the fields and indoor facility.  This is probably much more than some of the other booster clubs in the district.  HRC depends on volunteers and fund raisers to keep everything running.  The club season runs from the September – June; not much is done during July and August.  First meeting is in September and then the fund raising chairs and fundraiser volunteers are recruited. ​

For those players not in other fall or winter sports there is a practice a gear order. Usually this will consist of the required practice shirt and shorts.  In the fall, an additional order will include the other players not in fall practices and allows for the purchase of warmer gear and spring gear.​

The first fundraiser is the Rib/Roll sell which starts towards the middle of November to the first part of December.  Also, at this time we start gearing up for the Chili Supper in February.  It is tough having back-to-back fundraisers, but unfortunately it is necessary with the schedule.​

At the end of January there is a Mandatory parents meeting where Coach James talks to the parents about the upcoming season and what will be expected of players and parents of Yukon High School Baseball.  This is a meeting a parent must attend or your player can not play.  If you miss the meeting, then you will have to schedule time to meet with Coach James to go over what is required by the school.  This meeting was started several years ago by the school and is mandated by Yukon Schools.​

The weekend before the chili supper the boys have a lock-in at the indoor facility.  They are fed dinner, interact in activities with players and coaches, and have a night out somewhere in Oklahoma City. (Last year was Dave & Busters).  This event is mandatory and is sponsored by the HRC. ​

The next weekend is the Chili Supper; although it is a big task it is not difficult with enough volunteers.  I encourage you to join a committee now so you know what is going on for next year.  The donations your kids are asked to get are with the intent to create a basket of like items that can be bid on in a Silent Auction.  For those that have more affluent resources (Thunder tickets, Hotel room packages, Sports memorabilia, higher price type items) those go into the Live Auction and Chance to Win table.  Each class is given an assignment to supply the items needed for the supper itself.  It has become tradition for the freshmen to chip in $20 for a dessert caterer the HRC has worked with for several years.  This allows you a better chance to join a committee and learn or bring your own experiences to the event.  In January as it gets closer to the supper each player will be given an allotment of 6 tickets to sell to the chili supper.

Mid-February starts the scrimmages.  We do open the concession for scrimmage, but we do not run the scoreboards.  The boards are not supposed to come on until regular season play starts.  As in Red Dirt this is where the Team Reps step in and start scheduling concession slots.  The team reps are just like the rest of us and their time is at a premium.  If at all possible, please sign up for as many slots as you can as early as you can to help make their scheduling of volunteers easier.

There is also a $50 dollar meal fee for Freshmen.  This helps feed the them before games since most of them are not able to drive yet and games can run late.

In the last meeting you heard more information about the Best of the West tournament that the team goes to over Spring Break.  This trip is Senior/Junior trip that all Senior/Junior players attend whether they play Varsity or Junior Varsity.  The players going are asked to pay a fee of $220.00 and the players get most of that back with a $20.00 daily allowance.  Hotel costs, ticket costs to MLB spring training games and one meal a day are all paid for by the HRC.  There have been Freshmen and Sophomores go on this trip if Coach James believes they may get some playing time but that decision is not made sometimes until 10-14 days out.

Red Dirt Tryouts are held in April on 2-3 weekends in the month and teams will be posted in April for attendance at the May mandatory meeting.​End of May is when the Red Dirt program will begin and it will continue through June.

In May, the HRC will plan on hosting tournaments for State playoffs or Championships.  This past year Yukon hosted two playoff tournaments.  These take everyone’s help and all volunteers are welcomed as it is a busy few days. Last year we tried for 7-concession, 2-grill, 3-press box (press box is mandated by OSSAA) for each game.  ​

After the season we have the annual Baseball Banquet held locally which will provide an end of the season wrap up from the coaches from each team. Tickets for this are sold to parents, family, and supporters of Yukon Baseball to help offset the cost for the catered dinner provided.  There is a committee for this event for decorating, senior gifts, set up and clean up.  Seniors are recognized and given a gift from the HRC and parents are acknowledged for their support of the program. ​

I hope this provides some insight and answers questions you may have about the Yukon Baseball program. If at any time you have any club related questions please email yukonmillerbaseball@gmail.com.   If Mike can't answer your question he will direct you to someone who can.  

Team related questions should go through your teams Coach or Coach James.